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Welcome to MagnetoDynamics.

MagnetoDynamics is a consultancy business, advising on permanent magnetic materials and applications.

In recent years there have been many changes in the permanent magnets industry, not only with respect to price spikes, threats of supply shortages and patent litigations but also the introduction of new processes, manufacturers and technologies.

Whatever your interests are in the permanent magnet business MagnetoDynamics can assist with information on quality, cost effective sourcing, technical evaluations, patent positions, selection of the most suitable materials and processes as well as background on nearly every aspect of this industry.

One of the key requirements of consultation is the connections that can be made for a specific client.  We do not act as a distributor, buying and selling products - we make recommendations and introductions that help create a short, transparent and effective supply chain.  To see a list of companies that we have had face-to-face meetings with recently, click on the "Our Contacts" link to the left.


Recent clients include:

Aichi Steel Corporation (Japan).

McKinsey (Management Consultants).

Companies involved in the manufacture and supply of magnetic components.

Samsung Components Division

Gerson Lehrman Group (Provider of expert services).

Attorney groups involved in Hitachi Metals ITC action.

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